New Market Expansion: Grand Forks

New Market Expansion: Grand Forks

First International Bank & Trust Announces Plans to Enter Grand Forks and Hires Local President, Wayne Zink. Loan and Deposit Production Office Now Open in Temporary Space While New Branch is Under Construction. 

First International Bank & Trust is excited to share that they are planning an expansion of their footprint by adding a location in Grand Forks, ND. This will be the bank’s 21st location in North Dakota and will secure a branch presence in the state’s most populated cities.
Stephen Stenehjem, CEO/Chairman shared, “While this is a new market for First International Bank & Trust, we have been serving customers in this region for many years. Our bankers have strong ties with businesses and families in the area and we are pleased to be able to provide a location in Grand Forks to better serve their needs.”
The new full service branch will be located at 1970 South Columbia Road and is expected to be completed by the fall of 2017.

“After making the decision to enter the market, we wanted to find the right leader that was well respected and connected in the community and would be able to deliver our style of banking to this region. We are pleased to share that we have hired Wayne Zink to be our Grand Forks President,” -  Peter Stenehjem, President of First International Bank & Trust.

 Zink has tWayne Zinkwenty six years’ experience in banking, with eighteen of  those years serving customers in Grand Forks.
 The Bank has also hired three additional bankers at this time and  continue to seek additional talent. Andy Byron is a Commercial  Banker with more than 16 years of financial experience and has been  very active in the Grand Forks community. Mike Herman and Brian  Gutierrez will handle personal banking needs for customers.
Until construction is complete at the new location, First International Bank & Trust will conduct business at 2617 South Columbia Road as a loan and deposit production office. They are now open for business.


Merchant Processing

Are you currently accepting credit and debit cards at your business, but what to know if you’re paying too much in monthly processing fees? Or you would like to accept cards, but don’t know where to begin? Let FIB&T Cash Management help. 

FIBT&T has been a partner with BASYS Processing for more than six years and believe in the products and services offered when it comes to credit and debit card processing. Located out of Lenexa, Kansas, BASYS Processing offers a team available from 7:00 AM  to 7:00 PM CT Monday-Friday and technical support is available 24/7. Our local Cash Management Reps can answer many questions for you and assist you in getting set up with the right program that will make your business money, while saving you the headache of dealing with a fly-by-night vendor. 

If you would like one of FIB&T’s Cash Management Representatives to review your current processing to help explain fees or do a free comparison for you, send an email to Cash Management today. 

Learn More About BASYS merchant processing. 

May Security Sense

Notable Upcoming Deadlines:

Microsoft Windows Vista PC Operating System and Internet Explorer 9 are ‘end of life’ and will no longer be supported after April 11, 2017.

What does this mean for me? 
This means this operating system and browser version will no longer receive updates or patches and will be vulnerable to attacks, which could lead to a compromised system, resulting in possible unauthorized account transactions that can affect your cash flow. What should I do? If you are currently using Windows Vista, make plans to upgrade to a new operating system. 

Not sure which Windows Operating System and Internet Explorer version you are running? 

To see what Operating System you are one: 

  1. Cick your Start button
  2. Type in winver and press enter to see your Windows version

To check your Internet Explorer (IE) web browser version:

  1. Open Internet Explorer
  2. Select Help, then select About Internet Explorer and the current version will pop up
  3. Internet Explorer versions 7, 8, 9 and 10 are no longer supported on a PC and should be upgraded to the newest version
Introducing Touch ID: Your Single Digit Password

Introducing Touch ID: Your Single Digit Password

The latest update to our mobile banking app introduces Touch ID® support for iPhone users. Accessing your finances has never been faster or easier – now all you need is your fingerprint, no need for a password!

Let’s Get Started:

  1. If you’re an iPhone user and don’t already have the First International Bank & Trust mobile app downloaded on your device, visit the Apple App store and search “First International Bank & Trust” to download the app. 
  2. To enable Touch ID login, simply go to the More tab of your First International Bank & Trust mobile app and select Touch ID Settings.
  3. Once you have enabled Touch ID, you will automatically be prompted for a fingerprint when the app is launched. 
  4. For security purposes, the app will require you to fully authenticate with your password when performing transactions that move funds. For example, transfer money, pay bills, pay a person, etc.). 

Business Sense: Save with ACH

Want to Save Money?

According to NACHA, the National Electronic Payments Association, over 71 Million ACH transaction happen daily in the United States. Why is ACH so popular? Because it can save your company time and money while offering increased protection of the funds.  

The Business benefits of using ACH include: 
  • Reduced risk of fraud and identity theft 
  • Businesses could save between $2.87-$3.15 per transaction by using ACH instead of checks
  • Cash management is easier – You determine when funds leave your account because ACH is date driven
  • Faster settlement of funds means you receive your money faster 
  • Employees get paid faster 
  • More efficient then checks – once payroll information is entered into the system it will be there for the next payroll, just enter the new dollar amounts and any new employees (and remove any terminated) 
  • Less cost per payment over using checks - No more checks to buy and make out, saves on ink and no more running to thep ost office to mail checks!
  • Saves time, freeing up your employees to do other tasks
Employee benefits of Direct Payroll include:
  • Funds are available for withdrawal by 9:00 am
  • Saves time by not going to the bank to deposit or cash payroll check
  • Reduces risk of ID theft by removing chance paycheck is stolen from mailbox

ACH entries can be a credit or a debit meaning that you can make payments or collect them.  

You can utilize ACH for the following types of payments:
  • Payroll
  • Annuities
  • Bonuses and Commission
  • Tax Payments
  • Child Support Payments
  • Dividend and Interest payments
  • Pension/401(K) Disbursements
  • Social Security and other government payments
  • Travel and employee expense payments 
  • Collecting monthly utility payments

There is ACH software that you can purchase.  If you want to do the most common, basic type of ACH entries then you wouldn’t need to buy any additional software.  Use the ACH software that is available in the Business Online Banking Tier II platform!  

Click here to see just how much ACH can save you - you may be pleasantly surprised.   

Now that you know how much ACH can help your business please see your local banker to get started or click here to learn more about First International Bank & Trusts Cash Management Services!